How To

How do you do the Kitchener Stitch?


F = front
B = back
P = as if to purl
K = as if to knit
L or Leave = leave on needle
Slip = slip off needle

If this is your first time doing Kitchener use a scrap paper
to mark which step you're on. Hold the two needles
together with one needle in front, and one in the rear.
Using your threaded tapestry needle follow the directions below.

When the directions say "Slip", slip the one stitch
your working on off the knitting needle. When it
says "Leave", leave the stitch you just worked on
the knitting needle and go on to the next step.
The only other tip might be to always carry the yarn under,
not over the needles. Be patient, this really works
and looks professional when done properly.

Beg.: FPL, then BKL
*F (K) Slip
F (P) Leave
B (P) Slip
B (K) Leave
Repeat from * until all stitches used

Weave end

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