Knitting.....My Holly Burnham

I always wanted to be good at something, no not just good, I wanted to excel.
Everyone does, whether they admit it or not. Through the years I’ve tried all the needle arts, painting, sewing, cooking, gardening. Once, and this is a secret…..I tried to write a book.

Knitting seems to be my niche. I get compliments on my knitting. I like getting compliments and so I knit more. My first few attempts were very sad. My sweet daughter once wore a sweater for an entire winter that, because I had run out of yarn and bought something “close enough”, had one sleeve a different pink than the rest of the sweater. My son wore mittens with the thumbs so misplaced his entire wrist was exposed to the snow and cold. I knit two ugly sweaters for friends of ours one Christmas and proudly wrapped and presented them. Understandably, I never saw
them sport them.

I am better now. I produce decent garments for my grandchildren. This current generation owes a lot to the previous one. I knit for pleasure…… pleasure, and that is a good thing. As I get older I clearly see it’s important to take care of yourself. Knitting takes care of me. I experience a soothing sensation as I pick up my needles and start fondling the yarn. I preen with pride when someone enthusiastically admires something I’ve knitted for them. I enjoy the camaraderie of fellow needle clickers.

I want you to learn to knit because I can’t imagine life without this past time, but more importantly, I want you to find something that fills you with joy. I want you to find your individual passion. Humans are, by nature, creative beings. Our lives are so full we sometimes neglect to find time for our personal pursuits.

In my opinion, the secret is to try anything that interests you. You will be good at some and fail at others. Somewhere in your heart is a passion you need to nurture.

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