Sock Blockers…Luxury or Necessity?
By…….Holly Burnham

If you are a knitter you know how popular knitting socks is right now.  Either you're already busy collecting a drawer full of them, of you're perusing patterns and knitting forums getting ready to knit your first pair.

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to knit my first sock.  I followed the directions and did one step at a time and voila….a perfect sock!

This first pair was for my husband, whose feet are always cold in the winter.  I was so thrilled when he came home from work the first time he wore them and exclaimed his feet had never felt so warm.  I had used 100% baby wool and the sock was not only warm, but oh so soft.

He requested a drawer of them.  I complied; and although he has eight pair, he wants more.  I have made several pairs for myself. 

Most of the yarns I have chosen are machine washable wool; some can even go in the dryer.  However, now and again you find yourself with that delicious, decadent hand knit sock you just don't dare trust to the dryer…….how do you handle that pair?

I used to just take them out of the washer and lay them flat on a framed screen my husband had made me to dry, then I discovered there is an indepensable item called a sock blocker. It is a flat mold shaped like a foot.  I ordered one and, although I was flabbergasted at the price, I was delighted by the way my sock looked when it came off that dryer. 

I complained to my husband that I wanted more but I wasn't going to buy any more because of the price.  He looked at them and said, "I can make that, and we can sell them for half that price."

He then asked me what changes I would make to mine and I told him, he incorporated that into his design, ordered material and "Old Knitter" Sock Blockers were born.

We do very little advertising and sell as many as we can make.  I am sitting here this morning writing this little article when I should be finishing the blockers I have to mail out this morning.

Once you use sock blockers you will want a pair to dry all your hand knit socks on.  Your sock comes out perfectly shaped and drys so quickly.  They last much longer dried this way instead of in the dryer.  You spend so much time knitting these little gems….you need to protect them.

If you are curious please visit The Knitting Haven and take a look.  Spoil your socks, they work hard and deserve it.


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